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About Me | Heather Hart | Nutritional Therapy | @howtonourish

Your friend & advocate

I am a mama. I am a woman.
And I completely understand how you’re feeling because I have been right where you are.

After having my second baby, I was dealing with…

  • incredible fatigue
  • mood swings all day
  • bloating after every meal
  • insanely slow metabolism
  • hypothyroid
  • chronic stress
  • adrenal exhaustion
  • food sensitivities
  • poor digestion
  • insulin sensitivity
  • hypersensitivity to sugar and caffeine

And the list goes on and on. I was suffering, as I imagine you are, which is why you’re here.

I feel you, friend. It’s not easy being here, but there is so much hope!

Now let me back up for a second…

… and tell you a little more about my journey. In 2010 I was starting nursing school, eating a 100% vegan diet, drinking too much alcohol, and so sick. I had no idea that what I was doing to my body was causing me so many symptoms that I was struggling with.

After going through a few nursing courses I decided that it wasn’t for me, but it sparked something in me that fueled a new love of nutrition. I took a look at my diet and thought, like most vegans, “I am doing something so amazing for my body and the world!” I started a candida and parasite protocol on the recommendation of someone online and it helped my digestive symptoms a bit, but I was still struggling.

Fast forward to 2016, 10 months into trying to get pregnant with our first baby. Still vegan. Still struggling. Not getting pregnant. I did a ton of research and realized that my cravings for eggs over the last year were actually trying to tell me something. I was starving for fat and protein!

I added eggs into my diet, along with some fish and pregnancy-supportive herbs, and… BOOM, I was pregnant in month 11 of trying. We were going to have our first baby!

Mid-2017 – I was postpartum and recovering from a tough birth, but feeling pretty great. I recovered fairly quickly and was back to my pre-pregnancy energy level (and size) within just 6 months. I was eating much more health-centered at this point, including meat, but still not nourishing myself the way a mama needs to thrive.

Mid-2019 – I was postpartum again with our second baby and feeling pretty good initially. My birth was easier, I healed quickly, and I had some energy while doing a vegan “cleanse” to help my body reset post-pregnancy.


About Me | Heather Hart | Nutritional Therapy | @howtonourish

The stress of mothering two was draining me.

About Me | Heather Hart | Nutritional Therapy | @howtonourish

I was struggling through this first year with two little ones. Exhausted to the bone. Not losing weight. Depressed and anxious. You already read through my list of symptoms above. This was a rough season.

When it came to my health, I thought I was doing everything right. I had done tons of research on eating a healthy diet for pregnancy and postpartum. I had read through hundreds of studies on nutrition. So what was missing? Why did I feel. So. Depleted?

Once I discovered nutritional therapy, I realized that I knew almost nothing about supporting my body through my chronic struggles. I was eating well, but I was not supporting the Foundations of Health in many ways, and because of this my body was lacking so many vital nutrients.

Pregnancy and birth are hard. Breastfeeding is hard. Undernourishing, especially as a woman, causes so much stress in the body. Struggling with chronic stress, including my symptoms, was depleting my body in ways I couldn’t have ever considered before nutritional therapy.

Now I am in a better place physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am eating to support my body’s optimal function. I am moving daily and building muscle to support my metabolism. I am choosing foods and habits that make my body smile and say “thank you”.

If you are in the middle of overwhelming symptoms, I see you. It’s so tough, but there is hope. I healed using nutritional therapy and you can, too.

You may feel stuck in a deep hole right now, but by working with a practitioner you can get out, and likely more quickly than you think. Focusing on the Foundations of Health is a game changer!

When you’re feeling ready to take the next step, please reach out. I would love to be part of your village. Happy healing, beautiful!

Mama, you deserve to be nurtured!