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Nutritional Therapy Services

The time has come to get you nourished!

Are you feeling too tired to function? Struggling with frustrating digestive symptoms like bloating, constipation, or gas? Crashing at 2pm and relying on coffee to get through your day? So moody that you feel like a bad mother?

This, mama, is your sign! I’m here to help.

Nutritional therapy was my answer to all these symptoms and I believe you were meant to be here so that I can help you feel better. My bioindividual approach gets to the root cause of your symptoms so that my recommendations can help support your body’s natural function.

Nutritional Therapy's Foundations of Health | How to Nourish | @howtonourish

your story + my nurturing guidance

Our initial consultation will be a detailed 90-minute visit where I will get to know you by listening to your story. Most of this appointment will feel like a chat between girlfriends as we talk about what you’ve been through and where you want to go. We will also go over the intake form you completed prior to your visit so that I can learn more about your health history and current lifestyle. You will leave the appointment with a few actionable ways to start down the path toward meeting your goals.

Two weeks after our initial appointment we will meet again for 30 minutes to discuss how things are going, where you’re feeling challenged, and how I can continue to support you through this first month. You will also have access to the messaging feature within your client hub, as well as notes from our previous session and your initial action items. After this visit, I will send you a detailed 320-question symptom questionnaire and access to your in-hub journal to track your food and lifestyle habits for four full days.


finding your root cause + focusing on your goals

We will meet for another long visit, this time 60 minutes, in which we will dive into your submitted symptom questionnaire and 4-day journal so we can dive into your root case using real data. This will also allow us a fresh conversation about how you’re feeling and where you might be soaring or struggling. The dialog is always open, friendly, and never judgmental, because I have been where you are and I understand your needs. You will leave our call with a new or revised protocol to continue toward your goals.

Just like during our first month together we will meet for 30 minutes two weeks after the long appointment. We will discuss how you’re feeling and anything that might be coming up for you during your work. This is a great time to talk through mental struggles, ask specific questions, or get more resources for meeting your challenges head on.


meeting your goals + dancing toward relief

Each month we will meet twice to ensure you are feeling nurtured, supported, and comfortable with the progress toward your goals. You will also have access to me using the messaging feature within your client hub for those emergency questions that can’t wait until our next video call.

Months three and beyond will look a lot like month two with a long appointment and an updated symptom questionnaire and journal to measure your progress, followed by a shorter 30-minute check-in appointment after two weeks. We work at your pace, never faster than is comfortable to you, and with your goals in mind every step of the way.

How long will we work together?

The long story: This is totally dependent on your needs, goals, personal health challenges, and mindset. If you have a long way to go, it will take longer to get to your destination. If you commit and buckle down, it won’t take as long.

Things that can get in the way include how strongly you’re stuck in your current habits, childhood or past traumas that may resurface, and your support network, including family and friends. We will work through any challenges that come up together so that you feel supported in working through them. If I cannot help you with a specific challenge, I have lots of tools in my belt, like books and referrals to other practitioners, that can keep your snowball rolling.

The short story: Most of my clients will see solid results when working together for at least four months or sometimes as long as one year.

What else is included in your services?

Here is the full breakdown of what I offer in my 1:1 nutritional therapy services…

  • One 90-minute initial consultation – We will discuss your story and review your Initial Intake Questionnaire so that I can gain a clearer picture of your health needs through a candid discussion with you. I will also give you a few actionable recommendations that are tailored to your bioindividual needs.
  • One 60-minute visit every month – We will review your progress using a new round of questionnaires so we can deep dive into the updates you’ve made to your routine, choices, and habits, as well as any new or lingering symptoms. I will also provide you with updated actionable recommendations to keep you moving forward.
  • One 30-minute follow-up visit every month – We will have a candid chat to follow up with how you’re feeling, anything you’re struggling with, questions you may have, etc. This is a great time to tweak any of the recommendations you received during your previous visit.
  • One 30-minute final wrap-up visit – When you’re ready to end our work together, we will have a wrap-up call to discuss your progress and any future steps you may want to take to continue on your health journey.
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) – A 320-question symptom burden report that gives me a comprehensive picture of your health to allow me to determine the root cause of your symptoms. You will be asked to fill one out at each long visit and your final wrap-up visit to compare to your initial chart so we can review your progress.
  • Food & Lifestyle Journal review – A 4-day online journal where you will show me a snapshot of your routine, habits, and symptoms in realtime. You will be asked to complete one at each long visit.
  • Actionable food, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations every month – We will make small steps toward your larger goals to ensure you feel supported and not overwhelmed.
  • Exclusive discounts on my preferred high-quality supplements – Real Mushrooms, Ancestral Supplements, DesBio homeopathic, Biocidin Botanicals, and more.
  • 15% off at my professional-grade supplement dispensary (forever) – Many of your favorite supplements are probably already in here!
  • Access to a variety of lab tests (billed separately) – If additional testing would be helpful in determining your root cause, you will have the opportunity to access testing ordered through me.
  • Unlimited messaging opportunities each week
  • Access to bioindividual education resources
  • Opportunity to add additional sessions if needed (billed separately)

Additional FAQs


Nutritional therapy is more like therapy and less like working with a dietician. We will focus on you – your needs, your goals, your challenges, and your desires. You run the show with my guidance and love, but I will never require you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

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My specialization is helping mothers, typically of babies or small children, find the root cause of the frustrating symptoms that are negatively impacting their motherhood experience. This can look different for every mama, but typically includes fatigue or low energy, mood swings, brain fog, digestive issues, diagnosed hormone imbalances, and more.

During our work together, we will start by finding the root cause of your symptoms and then addressing that head on. In nutritional therapy, this looks a lot like improving diet and lifestyle in regards to the foundations of health. I will not focus as much on symptom management (as in traditional medical care), but that may be a part of our protocol if it is truly needed for you to thrive more quickly.


Let’s chat about it in a free discovery call! We will spend about 20 minutes together talking over your symptoms, challenges, goals, and what it looks like to work with me. This will allow us to get to know each other and see if we are the right fit for working together.

Want to chat? Book a free 20-minute discovery call here.


After an initial 20-minute discovery call and your “OK” to get started, I will add you to my client portal and send you the necessary paperwork to begin working together. Once your paperwork has been completed, I will send you the link to purchase your first month and book your 90-minute appointment.

Every two weeks we will meet until we decide you’re ready to end our time together. Once per month we will meet for 60 minutes, then again in two weeks for 30 minutes. These visits allow us to check in, revisit your protocol, make adjustments or additions as necessary, and measure your progress.

Most clients who see solid results will work with me for anywhere between 4-12 months, depending on their needs and goals. To speak candidly for a moment, this process works as well as you work it. It takes hard work and dedication from you to see the results you’re looking for. That said, I am here to be your guide and friend through the entire process, helping you succeed if you’re up for it.


That’s definitely not the goal here. Nutritional therapy is more about finding diet and lifestyle changes that will best impact your nutritional status, not packing you full of supplements as a band-aid fix. One should not need to sustain life on supplements!

There is a chance, however, that 1-2 key supplements will be recommended, at least during our initial few visits. This can help you see results more quickly or get over a hump that you’re struggling with. Purchasing supplements is never required, though. It’s totally up to you.

If you do decide to purchase recommended supplements, I offer my clients a 15% discount through my Fullscript dispensary and varied discounts through my partnerships with trusted brands. You are welcome to purchase what I recommend, as well as anything you use already, at a discount.


At this time I am only working with mothers and women of childbearing age. If you would like a referral to a practitioner that better meets your needs, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to refer you to a loving practitioner.


If you are committed to maintaining your diet without meat and other animal products, we are not a good fit. My approach uses the nourishment in animal proteins to support your body’s natural healing process in the most efficient way possible.

If you would like support in adding animal products back into your diet, I would love to work with you. As a former vegan of over 10 years, I am well-versed in transitioning away from a plant-centered diet back into the diet nature intended for us to enjoy.

Mama, you deserve to be nurtured!